Privacy Policy


1. Enterprise Name or Title

LYRobotix Co., Ltd.


2. Intended Use of Personal Information

The company reserves the right to utilize the acquired personal information for the following purposes.
For response to inquiries, marketing data surveys, statistics, analysis.
Additionally, in some cases, personal information may be used for the creation of statistical materials in which personal information of individuals is indistinguishable.
The above statistical information may not only be used for the improvement of all of the company's products but also disclosed to third parties or made public.


3. Release of Personal Information to Third Parties

The company executes proper management of personal information and shall not provide any third parties with such information without prior permission from the customer or any other persons representing themselves.
However, while retaining the utmost respect for the rights and privileges of the customer, there may be instances among any of the following items in which personal information may be released to a third party.
Cases where the protection of a person's life, health, or assets are on the line and the person is question cannot be contacted for permission.
Cases where improvement of public health or the implementation of sound nurturing of juveniles is involved and the person is question cannot be contacted for permission.
Cases of co-operation with national agencies or local public bodies, or else bodies entrusted with the business of executing the law,
in which obtaining the permission of the person involved may constitute an obstruction of the aforementioned.


4. Consignment of Handling of Personal Information

Personal information handling shall not be consigned either fully or partially.


5. Disclosure, etc. of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure

According to the request of the person in question, notice of purpose of use, disclosure, content amendment, addition; or else elimination, suspension or cancellation of use, and suspension of release to a third party (refereed to as Disclosure, etc.) regarding personal information subject to disclosure in the possession of the companywill be adhered to.Please submit an inquiry to the Complaints and Consultation Service.


6. Discretion in Release of Personal Information

The customer is within his or her rights as to whether or not to release personal information
but please acknowledge that refusal to release personal information may result in the an inability to utilize the services of the company.


7. Underhanded Acquisition of Personal Information

The company does not make use of cookies, beacons, and such which acquire personal information with the person in question's acknowledgement and approval.


8. Person Information Safety Control Measures

The company implements reasonable measures to prevent risks such as loss, destruction, falsification, and disclosure, etc., of personal information
but the nature of the internet and e-mail render it impossible to completely prevent risks to the safely of personal information,
With the exception of harm inflicted deliberately or through grievous error, the company bears no responsibility for any damage caused by the disclosure or leakage of personal information onsite.
Please refer to the company's Personal Information Privacy Policy. For any complaints or inquiries not listed above regarding the company's handling of personal information, please direct your inquiry to the complaints desk.


9. Contact us for the protection of privacy policy

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, please contact us

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